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Diversity of marketing research

There is a one specific industry, in which marketing research in Poland is extremely important. It is FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market. It is characterized by very wide range of concepts. And is worth billions of dollars/euro or other currency. In short – is huge. It is rather obvious, that within it existed together different industries, with very different customers and their habits. For example it brings together electronics manufacturers, chemical producers, tobacco producers, hygiene producers, food manufacturers, drink producers and many more. It is easy to predict, that on such huge and wide market competition is very incredibly harsh. When you want to survive and develop your company from FMCG industry you have to consider market research.

FMCG marketing research Poland

Implementation of FMCG marketing research process could be the most important factor in the process of developing brand strategy and advertising strategy of the company. This is extremely important to

Know everything about current and future client needs and their requirements and suggestions. This is a reason why FMCG industry is conducting thousands of marketing research every year, from big projects, such as omnibus, to small ones, with small target groups. They do this with help of the best market research agencies. Best market research company in Poland has an experienced team of statisticians and data managers, and interviewers and pollsters. Usually market research company is the most significant factor, which help you build a proper research with reliable results. You need their skilled specialists, because they have knowledge about your industry and they know everything about market research Poland.

Research – how to do it

You have two main methods to chose: quantitative and qualitative. Within qualitative research you can use: IDI (individual in-depth interview), or simply – a long interview with one person; FGI (focus group interview), or simply – a very long interview with more than one person; mystery shopping, which help to identify service quality level; case studies and others. Additionally it is good to also use desk research, SWOT analysis, statistics analysis or SERVQUAL. Within quantitative research you can use: CATI (computer assisted telephone interviews), which is the most popular one and the cheapest one; CAPI (computer assisted personal interview), which is the better PAPI; CAWI (computer assisted web interview), where pollster is not present; PAPI (paper and pencil personal interview), which is the most traditional technique.

How to use results of research project

After you obtain information about your clients, cooperators or competition, you can use them to build a new strategy for your company, or develop a new advertising campaign. With the help of the data you can provide better products for your customers or maybe better packages of your products, better prices and other aspects, which may help in the development of your company.