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FMCG marketing research Poland

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) refer to the goods which are frequently purchased by the consumers such as food, beverages, alcohol, soaps, cosmetics, detergents, shaving products, batteries, bulbs, paper, plastic goods etc. Fast moving consumer goods is a huge industry with many big corporations. It has experienced enormous change over the last decade and is expected to grow enormously. New products and sectors are emerging in these market. Consumers also changing and are constantly challenging companies to deliver better products. The old classifications based on age, sex, or social grade no longer are appropriate – there are now many other ways of distinguishing between consumers and these focus on their attitudes, motivations and needs. For example some product categories can have over 400 lines. For a success on these market you should understand consumer needs and behavior, shopper behavior, competitors, distribution channels, and pricing. For this task you may use a proper tool, which is FMCG market research Poland. Market surveys reports are useful for manufacturers and brand owners, retailers and outlets, provides them insights into product and market trends, analyses, opportunities, projections, sales as well as marketing strategies.

Research professionals

Professional Polish market research agency may help you in the task of obtain useful data. It has experienced staff (analysts, statisticians, mathematicians), which can bring you clear insight into consumers, market cooperators and competitors. Because it is essential to obtain reliable information about market on which its company operate. There are many data, which might be useful, for example about consumers (active and perspective), products, sale, cooperatives, competitors, package design, shelf space, marketing, satisfaction. It is possible for huge companies to obtain those data themselves, but most of the companies hire professional market research agencies, which has measures to obtain it. In the beginning of this process it is decided which divisions of the company to study and which aspects of their activities are most important, e.g. sales department activity, marketing department activity, customer service activity, production activity, distribution activity, prices and quality, social media activity. A Poland market surveys agency conduct for you those data.

The process of research

For the Poland FMCG surveys you can use qualitative and quantitative techniques, both online and offline. It depends from objectives of a research process. It is important to design the research according to the specific parameters of the category and clients’ research aims. Some examples:

  • Brand positioning;
  • Packaging testing;
  • Range optimization;
  • Category management;
  • New product development;
  • Ad testing;
  • Consumer insights;
  • Segmentation research;
  • Measurements of products presence in the media, including social media;
  • Purchase decision process.