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Market research and public opinion surveys

Today we have for you a very interesting topic, which defines what we do in research work. Everybody, who is interested in evaluations and opinions made by customers, residents, voters or patients, may be interested in this article. Because this is about market research and public opinion surveys. Our article is addressed to companies representatives, politicians, other officials and scientists, who may contract out those research, surveys and polls. Firstly, when you decide about those things, you have to chose the best market research agency. When you made a decision about that, you need its research specialists with vast and long experience. These people can offer you solutions within the field of market research, market surveys, opinion surveys, public opinion polls. And they collect for you those opinions on a wide range of data acquisition methods.

Advantages of dedicated applications and data processing

For a realization process, which is very sensitive stage of research project, you need not only a questionnaire or scenario and experienced team of interviewers and pollsters, but also a research application and the best combination of research methods/techniques. After you gathered information you need professional analysis of those information. For that reason market research companies apply advanced methods and techniques of data analyzing process. Statisticians guarantee you reliable data, conclusions of the results and recommendations.

Within innovative applications, you can find Internet/mobile applications for CAPI, web services and IT systems for CAWI, systems of reporting, databases, medical apps, eCRF apps with sophisticated systems of reporting. On Polish research market the best one is, which is a platform for different research projects with complex implementation of statistical surveys.

Research methods/techniques

Polish market research company can provide you data by using marketing research, marketing research for pharmacy industry, market research, opinion research, mystery shopper survey, social research, labor market research, evaluations. Realization of data gathering process require different research methods/techniques, such as: direct pen and paper interviews (PAPI), computer assisted interviews (CAPI), telephone interviews (CATI), online surveys (CAWI), individual in-depth interviews (IDI), focus group interviews (FGI), desk research analysis, SWOT analysis, case studies or mystery shopping.