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Mystery Shopping in Poland

Mystery shopper makes you successful. Medium-sized and large companies are accustomed to market research and marketing research, which means that they conduct it regularly. Sometimes they conduct it by the work of their employees, but most frequently they contract professional research agencies. It is completely different in the case of small businesses, because they have limited financial and personnel resources, and not so much time for such activity. But professional research systems are becoming increasingly popular and that is the way for small businesses to conduct market surveys. There is one, important exception, when company has to hire professional market research agency: it is mystery shopping, a survey in which you have to evaluate customer service quality.

How to conduct research process – step by step

Mystery client is necessary in every division of the company, where employees have a contact with customers. For example: customer service center, complaints, infoline, marketing, PR. Mystery shopping is something more than a simple questionnaire. It is a project, in which mystery client (or auditor) has to go to the specific facility to observe work of its sellers. First, it is to decide, how many facilities and their divisions to study, when and for how many issues. Then you have to choose mystery clients and offer them a specific training (especially about relevant market and selling regulations. Mystery clients evaluate aesthetic and functional characteristics of facility, availability of employees, knowledge of employees and their willing to help customer. For this reasons mystery client need to fill out a questionnaire and a report.

A key component

The key elements of mystery shopping are auditors. Mystery client is not only proficient in the use of equipment (dictaphone, camera), but also is characterized by high level of openness, communication skills, self-confidence, objectivity, perceptiveness. Both males and females are needed for this job and everybody can make a full time or part time living from mystery shopping. Assignments can often be at restaurants or travel agencies or on weekends. Most mystery shopping companies are very flexible. But you have to pretending to be a customer in the best way. Some companies can present you with more than a few assignments per month, but so the more companies you register with the more opportunities and variety you will be given. Most companies require you to register on their own web site so they can keep you up to date by e-mail of all their latest assignments. Mystery shopping or secret shopping is something you can turn your hand to for the rest of your lives and its very enjoyable and rewarding part time work.