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A wide range of market research for FMCG companies

FMCG market researchThere is one particular industry which is very big, although it produces very well known in daily routine items. This is FMCG, or Fast Moving Consumer Goods or Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Today it is big, but it is still growing really fast. Some of its biggest corporations are worth more than Gross Domestic Products of some countries. You can spot its products in your local shop or supermarket, where shelves are filled with the products of daily use. Those products are cheap, and their production is massive. Simultaneously their sale is massive, that is why we use for it name: fast moving. If you are a citizen of developed countries you buy those products every week or at most – month. You can find within them household products, cleaning and laundry products, OTC medicines, personal care products, food products, entertainment products, paper products and others. But, as you can see, massive sale and low manufacturing costs cause unusually high level of competitiveness on these market. Every company which want to build a strong position in this industry, should invest significant resources to FMCG market research, because of that.

FMCG surveys Poland

Regardless of the reason (usually companies do market surveys to expend on the market, but sometimes to maintain position on it), company from FMCG market should hire professional market research company for this job. These company should have experience and a strong references, which are easy to check. In the beginning of the survey process market analytics from the research team prepare a whole conception of the research. That means choice of the best research areas, research methods/techniques (quantitative – CAPI, CATI, CAWI, PAPI; qualitative – IDI, FGI, mystery shopping, case studies; desk research, SWOT analysis), target groups (e.g. customers, competitors, employees), scenarios of interviews and questionnaires. Only then they implement the survey (realization phase).

What information is possible to obtain

Before a process of realization data specialists and analytics chose research areas. It is not recommended to research everything at once. The better option is to do it by turns. So, for example: satisfaction of the consumers, customer service quality, marketing, information, advertising strategy, quality of products/service, distribution channels, product concepts, quantitative sensory testing, segmentation research, lifestyle analysis. Those Poland FMCG research provide managers of companies with essential data for the process of identification of the best selling products, the best market for this products, expectations of the customers. And it is not unusual that for this market research agencies can conduct fast and cost-effective research services.

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